Antioxidants : Mighty Cancer Weapons

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But, curcumin being such a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient, it has become the focus of many anti-aging studies.

In Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric is a standard treatment for liver disorders. However, chronic cytokine overflow pushes immune response onto healthy tissues leading to damage and disease. From the ancient times, turmeric was used to fight many types of infections. Turmeric paste is still applied in some areas of India and Bangladesh during marriage ceremonies, or after childbirth when umbilical cord is cut.

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Turmeric extracts can suppress the growth of several histamine-producing bacteria. Turmeric was found to be the most effective in stopping reproduction of H. Turmeric also contains antifungal benefits. This includes fighting harmful strains such as Trichophyton longifusus.

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Further tests showed turmeric extract effectively killing 29 different strains of fungi. On another hand, turmeric can positively affect the hydrogen-producing bacterial flora in colon, improving overall bowel movement. Since ancient times of Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicines, turmeric was used to cleanse wounds, stimulate recovery and fight infections of numerous skin conditions. Science identified turmeric as a mighty anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and an antiseptic agent capable of reducing ROS damage within skin cells and slowing down the early signs of aging.

Recent review found turmeric to improve numerous skin conditions [] making it a popular ingredient in many skin type products. Test tube and animal studies show curcumin within turmeric as a potent anticancer agent, including skin cancers. Connective tissue strengthens organs and other body parts and is made out of many types of proteins, collagen being one of them. The fibroblasts are the most common cells of the connective tissues which produce extracellular matrix and collagen for stability. In scleroderma, the fibroblasts produce too much collagen leading to tissue hardening like skin, organs, etc.

This skin disorder affects pigment colour in some skin cells, resulting in white patches over some body parts. Here, the skin melanocytes are destroyed for unknown reasons. Because of its antioxidant ability, curcumin has also been used as a therapeutic option in vitiligo. When feeling stressed, the body transitions from rest-and-digest to fight-or-flight response by releasing numerous stress hormones glucocorticoids like cortisol in order to deal with the physical or psychological challenges.

Compounds called adaptogens have been identified to counteract the adverse effect of everyday body stress. Adaptogens often used in herbal medicine and have the ability to regulate stress hormone release from the adrenal gland. The antioxidant actions of curcumin within turmeric shown to decrease oxidative stress and levels of stress related hormones.

Turmeric had several other adaptogenic abilities by reducing body weight, improving memory, and regulating blood sugar levels. We often say that stress contributes to weight gain and science agrees. Stress hormones cortisol are associated with accumulation of fat around the organs and stomach, often referred to visceral fat or apple shape. But, spices like turmeric can help battle those extra pounds.

Turmeric is known to balance hormones and decrease oxidative stress, two factors often associated with weight gain. Curcumin suppresses several key inflammatory markers as well as development differentiation of fat cells. For thousands of years, Asia has been using turmeric to heal and improve wide range of conditions. Studied species of this herb comprise over bioactive compounds including primary phenolics, terpenoids, sterols, alkaloids and other active ingredients. Curcumin in particular has been the focus of numerous research topics showing strong potential against many inflammation based cancers and metabolic-type diseases.

Just one tablespoon 7 grams contains: []. Nutrients within turmeric shown to fight oxidative stress, improve immunity and organ function while protecting cells against mutation and pathogen causing conditions. Turmeric has been readily used in food and supplements and deemed safe by number of world health and governing agencies. Turmeric has anticoagulant properties and is one of the methods of improving blood circulation. But, it may also increase the risk of bleeding in patients already taking blood-clotting antiplatelet or anticoagulant medications like aspirin, plavix, fragmin, lovenox, ticlid and coumadin.

This may be the case for several beta-blockers blocking epinephrine effect and slowing down heart rate or other high blood pressure drugs like dilantin, inderal and egretol. There is no evidence or reported cases that eating turmeric has any negative impact on pregnant or lactating women, but whenever in doubt, consult your physician. Turmeric is a vibrant yellowish spice that has been enticing the taste buds for many generations.

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Its plus year history spreads beyond culinary recipes into the traditional Asian medicinal remedies. This golden spice supports immunity, relieves pain and improves digestion.

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Besides curcumin, over phytonutrients have been identified in varieties of turmeric plant, shown to boost immune system, balance hormones, improve organ health, enhance cognition, fight pathogens and may even slow down the aging process. You can experience the unique taste, colour and smell of this golden spice along with the multitude of above listed benefits in our breakthrough restorative blend — Fortify. This traditional, generations old recipe is passed on within my family. Using a small metal pot, avoid non-stick, add cold tap water.

Grate the fresh ginger root right into the pot that will be used to make the tea. This way you can catch all the fresh ginger juice as well. Option choose one : add in the fresh mint leaves or, tulsi leaves and steep another minutes. We looked far and long for the best Turmeric Tea money can buy. We tried every major brand on the market to no avail. So, we created our own! Let us introduce the one and only Turmeric Tea you need in your pantry.

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We lovingly call it a spice tonic named—Fortify Chai. Loved by tea bloggers for taste and nutritionists for the health benefits. Never again choose between flavour or functionality, our exclusive blends do both! Buy Looseleaf Fortify Chai. Buy Teabag Fortify Chai. If you enjoyed this post, feel free to share with others.

Dietary micronutrients and gastric cancer: hospital based study

Drop by our Shop page and treat your body and soul with our chai blends. Wonderful, informative article. I make sure I get tumerick every day by putting in all types of food…everything from oatmeal to spaghetti sauce. Hello JeanAnn, Thank you for the comment!

Cancer is more frequent in the colon than the small intestine

We too love our Turmeric and add it to daily foods. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign me up for the newsletter! Previous Next.

Turmeric Benefits If you browse the internet regarding wellness ingredients, turmeric is likely to pop up on the computer screen. The History of Turmeric Turmeric or curcuma longa C. What is Turmeric? Antioxidant Benefits Turmeric is a bitter tasting root with brilliant yellow colour that has been used in South Asian cuisine. The other two curcuminoids are demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin.

Curcumin is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream. Curcumin increases antioxidant enzymes in all major organs such as superoxide dismutase SOD in liver, kidney and brain , catalase CAT in the heart and glutathione peroxide GSH-Px in heart and brain.