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Oh, he's got a fine brown frame I wonder what could be his name He looks good to me, and all I can see Is his fine brown frame How long have you been around Mister when did you hit this big town I wanna scream 'cos I've never seen Such a fine brown frame All that I have is a broken down chair But I would gladly make him king on my throne Don't be a square, why don't you come over here Together we would really be gone Woh-ooh!

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  • Fine Brown Frame.
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Fine brown frame

Together we could really get it on and on and on You've got a fine brown frame And I wonder, won't you tell me your name? You may not be classed with the elite, baby I tried And you may not be hip to that jive, like they talk in the street Woman, oh, oh, baby, yo You look like me's done nothing wrong And I know I'm a clown whenever you're around Because I'm crazy about I'm crazy about Mad about I'm mad about I'm nuts about Nuts about What about you're fine brown frame Yeah So crazy about you, baby.

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