The Saffron Falcon: A Supernatural Thriller—The Desperate Magic Series, Book Two

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With a side of salad, of course. TruBlooded Family by Kiera27 reviews Harry came home after sixth year to find that the Dursleys had decided to visit a grandmother and two cousins that they hadn't known were alive. Maybe this was Harry's chance to have a family. Homo Superior by Vahn reviews Homo Superior: 1. Above or beyond the human; preternatural or supernatural. Beyond ordinary or normal human ability, power, or experience. The three mutants the X-men finds at Jusendo will either change everything or help maintain the balance. The Rogue by Shaneman17 reviews The Entity had seen much, and it was ever patient and clever in getting what it wanted.

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Yet one man, one that should have succum to it, he resists and fights against the being that feeds on hope. Yet he is no survivor. No, he is a killer, one that has survived and slaughtered his way across the Mojave Wasteland. For he is the Rogue. The Watchman by MadHat reviews Rorschach wasn't killed but was teleported to another world. Now how will the crimefighters of that world will take to his ways of dealing with villains?

Alucard, after his defeat during London's battle, is sent to a strange world to meet the warriors of eras long past. Bloodlines by Just Another Soul reviews An idyllic day for Sawyer the Cleaner quickly turns sour when unwelcome guests arrive in her abattoir. A bizarre account of families, acquaintances, and hunters. In other words, a typical day in Roanapur. Multi-chapter story. Companion of Butcher and Bloodlust. What it turns out to be has the potential to change history, but maybe not in the way the UNSC intended.

Meanwhile, with the first Death Star destroyed, the Rebel Alliance is desperately trying to overthrow the Empire, but it will take the help of new allies to liberate the galaxy. Lasky - Complete. Ranma vs Lina? Hopefully this is a bit easier on the eyes Ranma and The Doll by king-of-the-huns reviews One Day a life size living doll follows ranma home.

Every one reacts camly and rationally By Furinkan community standards. Wild Horse of Iwatodai by steinerdavion reviews Pharos, or Death feels sad about what happened to Minato. Fate or Destiny visits him and decides to help out by turning back the clock to change things Raw Chapter 3 added!

Broken Wings by Nina28 reviews six years after the events that changed their lives forever, Seth Gecko and Kate Fuller cross paths again, for another fight. Past, present and future are at risk for the two of them. Will they survive? Unfortunately for them, they'll need money to do it, and they're forced to find work in the city of Roanapur or be stuck together forever! Destiny Vs Chaos by Vimesenthusiast reviews Having left Nerima, Ranma is trying to figure out what to do with his life when his government decides it needs his help dealing with a problem over in the Kanto Region.

This may just be the start of something incredible.

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Destiny, meet chaos, chaos meet destiny, last one standing wins! Rated T for slapstick violence, occasional foul language, and bizarre sexual innuendos, especially Sherry's closet pervertedness. Dedicated to Wesker Chick. Chap 5 up Double Date by Dragonhulk reviews Xander and Wednesday are a recognized as a couple in the eyes of everyone in the school, but why should he be the only Scooby to have the, er, honor of dating an Addams.

Story number five in the series. To Miami! The Terrans appearance in the galaxy changed many lives, and this story aims to tell them how they did so. Multiple story branches, some parts tying in with Spartan Ops. If Magic can't defeat him, what about other powerful Arts? Big Human on Campus by Black Dragon6 reviews Ranma gets booted out of Furinkan after dealing with Saffron, and ends up on the bus to a new school called Youkai Academy, meeting a rather timid guy named Tsukune on the way.

At least this place can't be worse than Furinkan, right? Haigeki by Xylix reviews His friends kidnapped by magical girls, Ranma is pushed beyond his limits to retrieve them.

Rampant silliness and experimental side-stories that would gut the main story were I to insert them in a chapter. Who knew that there were Hippie Shadows? Who knew what would happen when a Labor Law attorney was put in a Shadow vessel? Certainly not the Shadows. Certainly not Sheridan. For Asgard by The Sithspawn reviews SG-1 encounters a powerful woman while evacuating a village under attack by the Ori. Some Fantastic by GirlX2 reviews When Felix's game starts to break down, our favorite foursome must venture into a new world to save it; The world of online gaming.

My take on a sequel, basically. No self inserts, No OC pairings, no gamers getting sucked into the digital world. Just the fab four going on an adventure. Meeting the Gang by Petchricor reviews Chief goes into the world of the arcade and meets a young girl, a brave soldier, a handy-man, a wrecker, and a girl nicknamed candycane?

Who else you gonna vote for? An Ewok? Ranma Plus Vampire! A continuation, crossover fan fiction story.

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South Park: Leave Hitler Alone! Did Hitler cause it? Will the post office forward your mail? These and other questions you likely didn't have may or may not be answered in this lost episode of South Park! Naruto meets a red headed girl one day while goofing off and the destinies of both are changed forever. The Weapon by licoricebrightwater reviews Severely injured in the fight with Herb, Saotome Ranma is forced into a horrible situation.

Now she doesn't care if she's a girl for the rest of her life. She just wishes she was human too My first full dive into the worn path of SM Ranma crosses! Let's see how many characters I can totally corrupt A speed demon in space, trying to save Earth Is the universe prepared for the consequences? Stargate SG1 crossover, with a few extra special appearances. Supernatural: the Missing Weapon by Sheppard Coyote reviews one of Heaven's Weapons that the infamous Balthazar "collect" got lost in a world were lost souls tend to linger.

Guardian by Black Dragon6 reviews Ranma leaves Nerima and joins a special police force. Special in that it's made up of psychos, fools, and nymphomaniacs all charged with protecting Tokyo from the supernatural and terrorist forces that plague its streets. Redemption by mmoondragon reviews Did anyone really expect Ranma to catch a break. Didn't think so.

Betrayal's Reward by Trugeta reviews Betrayed by the ones he held dear. Thrown into the hellhole that is Ryker's Island.

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Left to rot. Saved from a fate worse than death by an untainted offspring of Venom and presumed dead one Ranma Saotome was allowed to start anew. Dark Titans by Lathis reviews The ongoing adventures of Heroes and Martial Artists alike, as two very different worlds collide. The Story so far: It's time for Ryouga to finally begin Terra's training. Looks like Jinx is back, and on a mission of her own. I'm not sure what direction I'll take this yet. The interviewer looks for an answer.