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The U. The School Ambassador Fellowship is a paid position that supports the Department's mission by employing a cadre of outstanding educators to contribute their classroom and school expertise to the national education dialogue and in turn facilitate discussions with educators across the country. For the Fellows, the program adds greater knowledge of educational policy and leadership to their toolkits, allowing them to further contribute to solutions at all levels for long intractable challenges in education.

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Working with the families of ELs and building strong communities is one of the biggest challenges that many EL professionals face. Recognizing this, TESOL International Association developed this resource for professionals to use at all levels to connect with families and build strong communities. The study identified certain groups of ELs that struggle and may benefit from additional targeted supports.

A new report presents results of an independent peer review of the state plans submitted to the U.

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Department of Education in April and September The report authors argue that states have not taken advantage of opportunities presented by ESSA to create stronger, more innovative education plans. According to iCivics, an education non-profit, ELs tend to struggle with social studies and civics because of the difficulty of the academic language.

Justice Sotomayor, a member of iCivics board, has spearheaded the creation of a Spanish-language game intended to familiarize students with the fundamentals of American civil liberties.

TESOL Community and Family Toolkit

Michigan is one of 15 states plus the District of Columbia that have passed a third-grade reading retention law. That puts ELs at serious risk of being held back.

Science Daily Multicultural awareness boosts teaching competency, but is an uneven resource among future teachers. A new study published in the Journal of Teacher Education finds that student teachers with more multicultural awareness foster more positive classroom environments for their students, but that awareness varies considerably among future teachers based on prior experience working with youth of color. The conference is designed for elementary, middle and high school educators as many of the dual language programs have developed into the secondary level.

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Look for information on preconference institutes and more. Rachel Adero, a young woman scarred by poverty, joins the Star View Product.

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